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December 10, 2012
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He was standing at the foot of the bed.

His ice blue eyes remained on the form beneath the sheets.

His arms were crossed, while his face was nearly blank of emotion.

His mind, on the other hand, was deep in thought.

There was something that was not being said.

He had a grasp of the obvious, but felt there was more to know.

He became mildly irritated.

It was like before, trying to remember the memories he had forgotten.

He played the conference with North over again in his head in an attempt to figure things out.

"You want me to what?" He asked incredulously.

"Is it not clear by the letter already?" North asked, one of his eyebrows raised.

"Well..I understand the request just fine. But why do you want me to go…do reconnaissance?" He was very much bewildered.

North stood from the stool he was sitting on, walking to a window.

There was a moment of silence as he looked out the window.

Then, he continued.

"There is a flow, Jack. A flow to the world and what we do. In our case, we are powerless when it comes to children growing up, and when children grow up, they stop believing in us."

North turned away from the window and looked at Jack once more.

"Humans believe in us when they are young. Then, they grow up and stop believing. As this happens though, more children begin to believe. That is why there are always lights on the globe."

The younger guardian understood but was confused at the same time. "I don't get what that has to do with this letter."

"It is a rarity when for me to get letters from older humans. So, I want you to find out more about this situation and grant the human's request on Christmas. I can't think of anyone else more suited."

"While I'm flattered..." It was Jack's turn to raise an eyebrow this time. "…I thought we only watched after children."

"Oh Jack." North laughed, going over to put a hand on Jack's shoulder. "Youth is not just in age. There are humans that grow up and lose touch with their childhood. Then there are humans that grow up, but are still children on the inside. We watch over all who have the spirit of childhood inside of them."

"Count on the jolly old fellow to give me deep meaningful talks…" Jack mumbled.

His thoughts were still scattered; his mind was still confused.

Amidst his thinking, the human in the bed shifted.

A head of hair appeared from beneath the blanket.

He froze, but his eyes were full of curiosity.

Ever so slowly, he made his way to the other side of the bed.  

His gaze landed on the human's partly covered face, their eyes closed tightly as if in discomfort.

"I'm sorry I can't help you with your dreaming." Jack spoke, genuinely apologetic.

A few seconds later, the human sat up, groaning.

"Woah!" Startled, Jack jumped back.

He watched as the human grabbed a bucket from beneath the bed.

He watched as they hunched over it and coughed.  

Moments later, the door for the room slammed open.

Jack stood even further back as an adult male donning a white coat entered, followed by two females in blue uniforms.

They turned the lights on and tended to the human, who was crying now.

With the lights on, Jack found that the human was a girl.

But now, he was even more confused at what was going on.
This is an idea that has been floating around my head ever since I finished my other Jack Frost piece. I've had difficulty figuring out how to write it, but today I've had the inspiration to carry it out.

I've never written something like this before, so you might find it messy and weird. But I do hope that some will find it to their liking.
Enjoy! C:
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part 2. you should do some thing like she is cursed be pitch and that is why she is sick....
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You have got to do moooooorrrreee! You r off to a good start already! Reply when there is more;p
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What's happening to me??!! I need you to continue please!!
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this seems to be really good. I hope to read the next part soon
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I wish ther was a Second chapter
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