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December 5, 2012
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There were days where Jack followed humans around.

Sometimes, it was because he was curious.

Sometimes, it was because of his guardian duties.

This time, it was for a reason he could not fully grasp.

He thought about asking the others about it, but decided against it.

He was afraid they would not understand.

So, he pondered what it could be on his own.

He was definitely curious.

It was not, however, part of his duties to watch this human.

After all, this person was not a child.

Standing on a rooftop, gripping his staff, he smiled to himself.

"Wind, you know where to take me."

The wind came and within moments, he flew.

He turned in the air, creating snowballs for the children below.

He laughed as he witnessed snow fights, and even participated in them a little.

Though, as he neared his true destination, he flew slower.

He sat on the same tree branch that he always sat on when he came here.

His expression became less mischievous as he waited in his spot.

Then, after a minute or two, the human appeared.

Jack's expression became pensive, excited, and full of awe, all at the same time.

He had never taken to a human so much before.

He watched them sit on their usual bench, and pull out their usual notebook.

The human wrote, and Jack observed.

A few minutes later, the person rubbed their hands together and shivered.

"You made today extra cold, Jack Frost."

He didn't know if she was serious when she said it, but a smile instantly came to him.

The way this human said his name was different.

The way they said it made him happy.

He made snowflakes, and blew them downwards.

He watched as the human beamed at them in delight.

On the inside, Jack wanted to make her happy.

He also desperately wished for her to truly believe.
So I saw Rise of the Guardians yesterday, and like most other girls that fangirl over Jack Frost, proceeded to write fan fiction.

I really enjoyed the part of the film where they showed his past memories. I used that as inspiration for this piece.

If I figure out how to progress this story, I might post more. C:

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I have no idea, maybe he reaches out to her I every way and makes a desperate bargain with the man in the moon so she can see him!
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Please continue this u r doing a great job on this so far;p
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